Hydraulic Plating & Embossing Machine

Description: Hydraulic embossing machine works on hydraulic pressure. It is used to iron leather and lining components before assembling process. Leather and lining components need ironing to remove wrinkles due to handling at various unit operations. It is also used for design embossing on leather components by removing the plain plate and fixing the required design plate. Then embossing is done with suitable temperature and pressure to transfer the design. The upper molding plate softens leather material by heating. Heating and pressing time can be set and adjusted as required Convenient and safe draw-out working table is adopted Duplex oil cylinder booster mechanism is adopted, which has a high pressurizing speed, large pressure, and low energy consumption.

This machine has a unique design, semi skill operator is enough to operate the machine. Automatic temperature controller are provided in this machine which help to  avoid damages in production work. Also temperature controller maintain the set  temperature and cut off while temperature exceeding and again restart when the  heat fall down than the set temperature.

Machine table size and working stroke made as per customer requirement.

Embossing Machine

Embossing Surface: Fabric, Leather

Power Source: Electric

Embossing Thickness: 0.2-2 mm

Machine Type  Manual


The required pressure and heat are first adjusted. The components are placed on  the bed one by one and ironed. After ironing, the quality of ironing is checked and  sent for next unit operation.


i. Check the oil leakage.

ii.Use the recommended oil stone.

iii. Must check the blockage of dust particles in hosepipes periodically

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