PU Pouring Machine

PU pouring machine is now installed by footwear manufacturing unit to reduce the manpower, improve sole attachment and increase production. Despite some safety measure this machine has several advantages over normal cemented lasting process mechanism.

The following parts of PU pouring machine are given below……………….

  1. Di-isocyanide and Polyol Chamber: The main two ingredients of PU pouring machines are separated by thick Glass cylinder so they cannot get contacted with each other and with labor’s skin. Di-isocyanide is a very toxic chemical and it causes cancer.
  2. Mixer: Before pouring nascent PU into the sole mold cavity, both ingredients are well mixed by this mixer in a very short time. There is some cooling chamber to reduce the temperature of the mixer so that no explosion can take place.
  3. Nozzle: After mixing the ingredients nascent PU is poured into the cavity of this machine through the nozzle.
  4. Sole Mold: There should be some space on the sole mold so that byproduct water can exit from it.
  5. For seeing the details of PU pouring operation click here.

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