Seat Lasting Machine

Seat lasting machine is an important machine in Lasting Section in the Quality shoe production house.  Seat lasting machine improves the quality of lasting operation and reduces the time. So for mass production, it is an essential machine.

The following parts of Seat lasting machine are given below…………..

1 Treadle/Hand Clutch: It is the controlling device of the operator. Up to gripping of seat pincer, the operator can forward and backward the toe lasting operation by a treadle. There are different steps in the treadle. A skilled operator can control the treadle operation very well.

2. Last rest: After the fore part lasting operation, the last is placed on the last rest before starting the treadle operation. The size of the last rest is different for different series (Like Children, Boys, Girls, and Gents) and shaped last.

3. Pincers: There are normally 7 pincers and 5 pincers machines are available in the Indian market. The numbers of pincers should be odd digit because in every machine there should be one seat pincer and rest pincers are divided into two equal groups and arrange in both inside and outside of the seat portion of last. After starting a treadle operation toe pincer grip the seat portion of the upper and pulled it over the last. If the operator sees the position of the seat gripping is right then he continues the operation. Then other pincers grip the total seat portion of upper and pulled it over the fore part of the last.  The sizes of the pincers are different for different series (Like Children, Boys, Girls, and Gents) and shaped last.

4. Seat hold down: After pulling the upper over the last by pincers Seat hold down to fix the last position so that the last cannot move in the upward direction.

5. Applicator: A Holt melt adhesive comes from the applicator in a liquid state and spread over the edge portion of the seat part of the insole. There is some type of heating arrangement in the nozzle to heat the hot melt adhesive and make it liquid from a solid state. 

6. Wiper plate: After adhesives come over the edge portion of the insole, the pincers just lose the grips and wiper plate wipes the edge portion of the upper over the edge portion of the insole. And hot melt adhesives again solidify and thus the edge portion of the upper remains fixed over the edge portion of the insole.

** In some machine seat lasting operation is done by tacking. Tacks come from the tack chamber through a pipe and wiping operation tacks are attached at the edge portion of the seating area by tack hammer.

7. Hydraulic device: The automatic machine’s main operating force comes from the hydraulic pressure.  There is a hydraulic chamber which is filled by Hydraulic oil of specific density.

** In tack seat lasting operation hydraulic device is replaced by pneumatic pressure device. A compressor is attached to this machine. And Air pressure comes from it.

8. Safety Switch: It is used for emergency stop of the machine to prevent accident or and damages of the upper or machine. It is generally mentioned by the red color.

9. Control Panel: Pressure, time of operation temp of application can be controlled by digital or analog control panel.

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