Un-lasting Machine

An un-lasting machine is an important machine in Finishing Section in a Quality shoe production house.  The un-lasting machine improves the quality of an Un-lasting operation and reduces the time. So for mass production, it is an essential machine.

The following parts of an Un-lasting machines are given below…………..

1. Last rest: Last with shoe is kept on the last rest in downward direction.

2. Gripper Plate: The gripper plate grips the counter of the last firmly so that the counter portion cannot move in between the operation.

3.Toe bender: Toe bender bends the fore part of the V-Hinge last to reduce the length of the last. It can be a rod or roller type. After bending the toe shoe can be easily removed. Then the operator presses the switch and it can again get back its position.

4. Pressure: The Machine is operated by pneumatic or Hydraulic pressure devices, For pneumatic pressure, the compressor is attached to this machine. In another case, the hydraulic chamber is there to exert hydraulic pressure.

5. Timer: In Some Machine, the auto timer is there to fix the toe bender initiation time after starting the operation.

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