Month: February 2020


Hydraulic clicking press

Hydraulic clicking press works on vacuum pressure. It consists of hydraulic drive and press tool namely die and punch. The hydraulic drive consists of a double-acting hydraulic cylinder in which the piston moves up and down. The piston is connected to the ram through the piston rod. The ram slides vertically. The punch is fitted …

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Splitting machine leather

Splitting Machine

Splitting machine is one of the most important machines in leather goods manufacturing. Finished leathers available from tanneries will have more thickness than the requirement for making leather goods. Since leather goods are made with different thickness, it is necessary to split the leather components according to the required thickness. This can be achieved only …

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Skiving Machine

Skiving Machine

This machine is very important machine and is extensively used in leather goods manufacturing. It helps to reduce thickness of the leather components at the edges for easy folding. Only skilled persons can operate this machine as the quality of skiving depends on various adjustments and operation techniques. Different types of skiving viz. parallel skiving, …

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