Automatic Seam Rubbing and Tapping M/C

It is an essential operation for footwear industry and it is also used in  leather goods industry also. There are manual and automatic seam  rubbing machine available in the market.

 Main Parts of this machines are given below:

Feed Roller: It is kept at the lower sewing arm to feed the material. The  space between upper and lower can be adjusted by staff screw.


Upper Arm: It has been binding tape through the upper sewing arm.  Heater is attached here to activate the adhesive of thermoplastic tape.  There is a light source attached in the upper arm. The function of the  upper arm is to rub the joining surface and paste the adhesive tape.

Lower Arm: It is used to feed the material and give a rubbing base, the  curving shape the lower arm helps in rubbing and binding operation.

•The feeding length may be set with the button in the panel.

Treadle: It is placed at the bottom of  the machine. It is used to control the  feeding speed.

•Bed: Bed is used to keep the material  and components.

Head light: It is connected at the upper arm, In some designs, separate headlight stand is also used.

Motor: The machine is operated by an electrical motor, It can be a clutch or step motor.


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Class note of Sk Shorif Uddin, Lecturer CFTC, Budge Budge

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