Leather Goods Machinery


DESCRIPTION: Very robust cast iron made machine integrating on its frame the hydraulic unit and the electrical cupboard for a compact and easy maintenance machine. Ironing by super finished chromed roller heated by thermal oil. Possibility to adjust instantaneously the 3 main ironing parameters: temperature,  pressure, and speed. Main Parts of this machines are given …

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Computerized Auto Spray Machine

Functions: •This machine is an auto painting machine of full-functions, operation of full-digital computerized, whole of user-friendly figure show interface, proceeding painting round, curve, flat, and various kinds of high difficult requests  painting. •This is suitable for various painting, painting of product, such as the surface painting of audio speaker, notebook, PDA,  game boy, LCD …

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Main Parts of this machines are given below •Edge Painter: Designed to apply water-based edge paint to the edges of all kinds of material, such as leather, synthetic leather, paperboard, fabric, etc. The unique paint applicator roll can reach into even the tight  corners, with the long and narrow design.     In some machines custom …


SPRAY BOOTH. & Computerized Auto Spray

•Spray Gun: The nozzle diameter of  spray gun can be adjusted as per  density of the liquid •Compressor: A required pressure is  supplied by compressor •Nozzle diameter Adjustable Know: If I  now pressed the trigger, the fluid is  pulled backward letting out through  the nozzle , some fluid material •The open additional air outlet which  …

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Cylinder bed Sewing Machine with Piping  Attachment •Imported cylinder-bed sewing machine is  used mostly in medium and big leather goods  industries. It is used for stitching items with  gussets. It can be used as piping machine also  if separate piping feeder with channel is  attached. In this case pressure foot of Sewing  machine can also …


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