•This machine is used in closing section for applying latex to the upper components & interlining  components for the purpose of laminating them together.

The machine has two rollers & one container for latex. The container is filled with latex & the bottom roller  rotates in the latex, so that the adhered latex of the bottom roller is transferred to the component to be cemented.  The top roller is used as the feed roller.

The machine is powered by an electric motor & it may have a feed table also. The surface of the component which is to be cemented is kept upside down to face the bottom roller covered with latex. As the component is fed through the two rotating rollers, the adhered latex of the bottom roller is transferred to the surface of the component to be cemented. It develops a uniform layer of adhesive throughout the area.


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Class note of Sk Shorif Uddin, Lecturer CFTC, Budge Budge


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