Computerized Auto Spray Machine


•This machine is an auto painting machine of full-functions, operation of full-digital computerized, whole of user-friendly figure show interface, proceeding painting round, curve, flat, and various kinds of high difficult requests  painting.

•This is suitable for various painting, painting of product, such as the surface painting of audio speaker, notebook, PDA,  game boy, LCD Monitor, part of the car, cellular phone, toy, cosmetics, metal, and hardware, etc…


1.Full-digiral computerized control system.

2.The Pure Birth of five-axes auto painting machine, have five drivers and motors, full-bearing auto painting function.

3.Proceeding move five-axes at the same time and mend point with four-axes, various kinds of high difficult painting proceed.

4.The digital auto spray-painting, operate of painting smoothly, proceeding to professional painting of high speed.

5.Memory infinity the argument data. (According to capacity of hard discs)

6.Accord to product to build a database, finite administering spray-painting argument data, also can proceed copy administering.

7.The painting rang, volime and volume of deliver paint of the digital automatic control, can control accurately the quality of spray-painting.

8.Operation of the figured editor and manual teaching box (Same of ROBOT manipulator), program easy. 9.Windows operating system use easy.


Size of machineL2020 x W1700 x H2250 mm (by order)
Size of plate/QtyMax. 650 x 650 mm (by order)2
RevolutionRevolution feeding
Rotation90° per motion
Spray gunDEVILBISS LVMP middle to high pressure spray gun (for reference)5
Axis X:1050 mm
Axis Y:860 mm
Spray gun moving distanceAxis Z:450 mm Left to right angle: 150°
FroSnhtirsthoenedunGdhoasnh &glSek.Sho1rif8U0d°din, LGT, CFTC, Budge Budge


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