Beveling operation can be done by hand, but now a days automatic beveling machine is used to save time & increases Production specially in belt industry where beveling is an essential operation.

The following parts of this machine is given below:

Quick-Change Feed Rolls: Feed roller is connected with motor which is used to feed the material. In this machine one feed rolled is supported by support roller the feed as well as to guide the material to the beveling section.

Guide: guide is used to keep the material straight and its helps in high speed edge beveling operation


Edge Beveling Section: There is a channel from which the material is passes through. At the middle portion of the channel, beveling roller is attached in both side which shapes the both side of the belt.

Beveling stone

Adjusting Screw:  Space between two beveling rollers can be adjusted by a width adjusting screw. The height between the feed roller and support roller can also be adjusted by a height adjusting screw. The speed of the operation can also be adjusted.

Adjusting Screw

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