Main Parts of this machines are given below

•Edge Painter: Designed to apply water-based edge paint to the edges of all kinds of material, such as leather, synthetic leather, paperboard, fabric, etc. The unique paint applicator roll can reach into even the tight  corners, with the long and narrow design.

    In some machines custom paint roller with grooves Small 6mm diameter roller is supplied  as per requirement of the work.

•Transfer roller : It takes the paint from paint container and transfer it to edge painter roller. The innovative paint supply system features a quick-release head and Teflon parts which allows the machine to be cleaned quickly, and  less time to change the colors.

•Paint container : A rectangular shape paint  container with narrow front is used to keep  the edge coloring material, it can be detached  from the machine at the time of changing the  color.

Paint Container

•Guide: It is adjusted as per material thickness.. There is a screw to adjust its height •Technical parameter: Equipped with standard 8mm diameter paint roller, LED lighting, variable speed, and adjustable guides.

Head Dimensions = 12″ x 20″ x 13″ (31 x 51 x 32 cm)Head Weight = 40lbs (18 kg)

Operations: The color dye is filled into the reservoir. The electric transformer is regulated on the required voltage. The switch is turned on to position 1 indicated in the vibrator. The raw edge is passed between the valve and the beak. The leather must run easily in the cavity. Turning the stopper placed under the small shaft with a spring attached can regulate the height of the cavity. The pedal is pressed and at the same time, the stopper is unscrewed in order to get the regulation of the dye. If the dye does not flow continuously, the switch is turned to the next position and so on until there is a  uniform flow. After staining is done, the nozzle and the supporting foot are cleaned carefully with the solvent. The stained edges are checked for quality. Different types of edge staining machines are used in industries.

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