For large scale production treadle operated  automatic machine are very much necessary for speedy punching  & eyeleting.

The machine has the following parts :- 

EYELET CONTAINER:- Before starting the machine fill the eyelet container & when the machine is working, this container vibrates. And due to vibration & electromagnetic induction eyelets fill the guide channel one after another.

GUIDE CHANNEL :- It is used to guide the eyelet from the eyelet  container to the material. The width of the guide is varying  depending on the punching device & eyelet size. In some new  development machine the width of channel is adjusted without  changing the channel.

DICE & BRASS ANVIL:- Dice is used to punch the material  & Brass Anvil is used for hammering work. There are different size of dice & anvil are available in the market.

WIDTH ADJUSTING DEVICE:-  It is used to adjust the width between two eyelets, it is connected with the feed device.

TREADLE :-  Treadle is connected with the feed device. The machine is operated on pneumatic pressure & it is also useful for inserting rivet buttons, grommet etc.

•Before starting the machine,  oiling the machine regularly.  Eyelet width should be the same as channel width  &  dice diameter should be matched with the eyelet. Before eyeleting  in the upper component,  it is recommended to adjust the width  & Practice eyeleting on a wastage material.

EYELETS:- Eyelets are used to reinforce the holes for shoelaces & may serve as ornaments. An eyelet may also be used instead of a rivet to join the section. Eyelet should be rust-proof. Inferior qualities are brass plated but they are not durable. There is no standard form of eyelet numbering regarding their sizes.

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