Very robust cast iron made machine integrating on its frame the hydraulic unit and the electrical cupboard for a compact and easy maintenance machine. Ironing by super finished chromed roller heated by thermal oil. Possibility to adjust instantaneously the 3 main ironing parameters: temperature,  pressure, and speed.

Main Parts of this machines are given below:

•Feed roller: To move the material and maintain operation speed

•Automatic guided conveyor belt:To move the material toward the front side, its speed can be adjusted

•Smooth ironing roller: It is the main part of this machine. It is used  to smooth the surface of the grain side by applying pressure and  temperature. It is generally chromium finished to improve its  smoothness. It is attached with heated to increate the roller  temperature.

•Working width: Different working width type machines are  available in the market. When we get large working , the cost of  the machine will be increased.

•Safety switch: Safe switch is attached at the back of the machine  to stop the machine operation at the emergency time. It has  automatic removing system of the leathers from the heated roller.

•Hydraulic unit with oil cooling system: This machine is operated by  hydraulic pressure to distribute the pressure uniformly. This  machine has additional cooling system.

•Support: It is used to grip the flesh section of the leather so that material cant be skid at the time of smoothening.

Control panel: The pressure-temperature speed the separation  between shine roller and gripping roller can be adjusted by the control  panel


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Class note of Sk Shorif Uddin, Lecturer CFTC, Budge Budge

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