Cylinder bed Sewing Machine with Piping  Attachment

•Imported cylinder-bed sewing machine is  used mostly in medium and big leather goods  industries. It is used for stitching items with  gussets. It can be used as piping machine also  if separate piping feeder with channel is  attached. In this case pressure foot of Sewing  machine can also be replaced to pass the  eyelets.

Piping attachment

•Even flat stitches can also be done in the  cylinder-bed sewing machine by using suitable attachment. Flatbed and  cylinder-bed sewing machines have the same  parts except for the difference in the arms and bed.

•The  parts and functions of the cylinder-bed sewing  machine are given bellow

Main switch: To supply electrical power to the machine

Clutch type treadle: To run or stops the machine

Balance wheel : To control the movement of the needle

Reverse feed lever: To make lock stitches at the beginning and at the end.

•Stitch length regulator: To select stitch length either in inch or metrics system (stitches/inch or stitches/mm.)

Tension control regulator: To control the rate at which the thread feeds to theneedle by a  umbered dial

Thread guides: To guide the thread from the spool to the needle

Thread take take-up lever: To control the rumning of the thread during stitching

Presser regulating screw : To provide suitable pressure for easy feeding of the materials

Presser bar: To hold the presser footTo

Needle bar: To hold the needle

Needle bolder: To stitch the components and products

Needle: To stitch the components and products

Presser foot: To hold the material for stitching

Presser foot lifter handle /knee: To move the presser foot up or down during stitching

Rotator hook: To change bobbin quickly and easily because of horizontal access  rotator hook

Needle guard: To prevent the needle from breaking while stitching short throat  plate with round edges: To sew a wide range of leather goods

Shuttle: To catch the top thread for stitching

Feed dog: To move the material for each successive stitch

Bobbin case: To control the bottom thread tension

Bobbin: To wind the bottom thread

Presser foot roller guide: To facilitate easy turning and stitching close to the edge of the component

Flat guide: To make perfect straight stitching

Thread stand: To hold thread spool for stitching


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