Roughening machine is used for the purpose of roughening  or coarsening of the surface of the material.The machine has  got following features or components :-

• 1.Steel wire gauge wheel.

2.Scouring wheel.

3.Exhaust fan.

4.Dust collector.

5.Reversible switch.

6.Sharpening stone.

Power System:- A normal roughening machine has got 2  electric motors to operate the functioning of the machine. 1st  motor helps to rotate the roughening system ie, the roughening and scouring wheels. And the 2nd motor supplies power to the exhaust system. The two motors are operated by separate switches.

Roughening wheel :-

Roughening wheel is a steel wire gauge roller. It is fitted to an axial which is rotated by the main operating motor. The axial holding this roughening wheel and scouring wheel can be rotated both in forwarding and backward directions. During roughening the steel wire gauge roller should rotate in a forwarding direction (ie, towards the operator). But after use of sometimes the roughening wheel becomes blunt when it needs to be sharpened to regain the roughening effect properly. For the purpose of sharpening the roughening wheel is to be rotated in the reverse direction (ie, away from the operator). During sharpening the exhaust system is to be kept switch off.

Scouring wheel:-•A wheel wrapped by emery paper is fixed on the other side of the same axial and rotates simultaneously along with the roughening wheel. This scouring wheel is used for the purpose of removing excess material in the lasted margin(Footwear). After used for sometimes when the emery paper becomes useless the wheel is opened and a fresh emery paper is replaced.

Exhaust fan :-

On the backside and inside of the machine, there is an exhaust fan to draw the roughening dust instantly from the operation area and to send it into the dust collector. During the sharpening of the roughening wheel, sparks are generated from the friction of the sharpening stone. So during sharpening exhaust fan is to be kept switched off otherwise it may draw fire sparks into the dust collector which may cause a fire accident.

Dust collector:- •A Cotton sack fixed into an iron stand (column-shaped) is fitted on the other side of the exhaust system. Entire roughening dust are collected automatically into this dust collector. When its capacity is filled it is to be opened from the machine unloaded and again repeated.

Reversible switch:-

The main operating motor can be operated to rotate in a reversible direction with the help of a reversible switch. The reversible switch is fitted on the front side of the machine and is to be operated carefully as when necessary. So that, during sharpening the axial carry the roughening and scouring wheels can rotate in opposite direction to avoid accidents.

Sharpening stone :-

A round-shaped sharpening stone is to be maintained along with the roughening machine when it is in use. The sharpening stone needs to be used frequently for the sharpening of the roughening wheel. When the sharpening stone becomes unusable it is to be replaced by a new one.

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