SPRAY BOOTH. & Computerized Auto Spray

•Spray Gun: The nozzle diameter of  spray gun can be adjusted as per  density of the liquid

Spray Gun

•Compressor: A required pressure is  supplied by compressor


•Nozzle diameter Adjustable Know: If I  now pressed the trigger, the fluid is  pulled backward letting out through  the nozzle , some fluid material

•The open additional air outlet which  allow to form a pattern of sprayed  fluid

•Spray shape adjusting knob: The  droplet size of spray can be adjusted  shape adjusting knob.

•Spray Guard: It is used for horizontal  and vertical spray adjustment. The  position of it can be changed it by  rotating its position.

•Suction device: It is used to suck  excess spray . It is generally placed at  the bottom of the spraying net.

•Spray net: It is used to keep the leather or component. Before spraying, be operator must check the surface of the net if it is wet or not, if it is then it must be dried before starting operation, otherwise, the color of the previous spray may color the current flesh portion of the leather.


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