Usage/Application  Stamping 

Embossing Surface Leather 

Machine Type:  Semi autometic

Product Description: Stamping  machines are designed to mark and hot stamp on leather, eco leather or cardboard, even using  a ribbon or coloured foil. They are used for the production of  handbags, wallets, belts, footwear, and small leather goods.  stamping machines used for marking and stamping with hot  system on soles, uppers, handbags, wallets, eyeglass cases,  gloves, decorative accessories and interior decorative elements  for cars and boats.

Main Parts of this machines are given below: •Bed: Stamping operation is done on stamping bed. •Stamping Head: It is operated by pneumatic pressure.  And it is connected with heater for heating purpose  and timer to set the time duration. They are equipped  with a system for the use of colored transferable  ribbon. It is equipped with protection and / or  accident prevention systems. •Pressure Adjuster: Normally it is driven pneumatic pressure  which is supplied by compressor. Mechanical types  stamping machine is also available in the market. •Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature with  temperature regulator from 0 to 300 ° C; •Timer: Timer for pneumatic machines from 0 to 10  sec;


The stamp is an image, design, or lettering on an art print or book formed by creating a depression in the leather or other material. It is the opposite of embossing which refers to a design created by raising the leather above the surrounding area. It is also distinct from foil stamping, which is a depression that is filled with a thin layer of metal, usually gold.

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