Cutting Department:

■  Selection:   By hand or modern selection table with defect checking software

■  Clicking:  Material clicking by Hand clicking & Clicking Machine (Hydraulic Sewing Arm, Mechanical,   Travel Head clicking Press, Laser cutting, Dieless Cutting)

■  Strap Cutting: By using strap cutting Machine or by clicking knife ■  Splitting: By using Splitting Machine

■  Skiving:  By using skiving machine (Single & triple) ■  Perforating: By using perforating machine

■  Embossing:  By using embossing machine 

■  Finiflex:       By using finiflex Machine or other ironing or plain plating machine

■  Checking and shorting: Manual Operation


■  Marking : By using Hand or Marking Machine

■  Gluing     : By using brass or gluing machine or spray booth  

■  Pasting:  : By using hand or pasting machine

■  Stitching  : By using stitching machine (Flat Bed, Post Bed, Cylinder bed, Computerized)

■  Punching: By using punching machine(Mechanical, Pneumatic, computerized)

■  Final cutting : By using hand, strap cutting machine for belt

■  Edge Beveling: By using hand with emery paper or using edge beveling machine.

■  Edge Coloring: By using brush or edge coloring machine

■  Riveting:    By using hand with rivet setter or riveting machine 


■1. Comprehensive Footwear Technology, S.N. Ganguly

■2. Manual of Leather Goods, CLRI Publication

Class note of Sk Shorif Uddin, Lecturer CFTC, Budge Budge

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