Sole Attaching Machine

Sole attaching machine is an important machine in Finishing Section in the Quality shoe production house. It improves the quality of the Sole attaching operation and reduces the time. So for mass production, it is an essential machine. There are different types of sole attaching machine available in the market. Some of the machine’s operation is controlled by pneumatic pressure and in some case, it is operated by hydraulic pressure.

The following parts of commonly used Sole attaching machines are given below…………..

1 Treadle/Hand Clutch: It is the controlling device of the operator. After placing the shoe on the Sole attaching machine, the operator presses the treadle. There are different steps in the treadle. A skilled operator can control the treadle operation very well.

2. Last rest: After sole attaching manually the shoe with last is kept on air pad which can be filled by air. There is a bloodier in between the air-pad which is attached with the compressor through a one-way valve. After ending of the day-work the air is removed from the air-pad by another valve.

3. Shoe hold down: After putting the shoe with last on the last rest, the two moving ends of shoe hold-down are adjusted by positioning one end at the toe area and one end at the comb area. The shoe holds down to fix the last position so that the last cannot move in the east or west direction.

4. Pneumatic Device: In the Sole attaching machine is operated by a pneumatic pressure device. A compressor is attached to this machine. And Air pressure comes from it.

5. Safety Switch: It is used for emergency stop of the machine to prevent accident or and damages of the upper or machine. It is generally mentioned by the red color.

6. Control Panel: Pressure, time of operation, the temp of application of sole attaching machine can be controlled by the digital or analog control panel.

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